Saturday, September 8, 2012

One of the most amazing dreams I've ever had.

I had one of my more uninteresting dreams at first. There was a huge water park slide in the middle of a low income apartment complex. Children and adults were sliding around and having a good time. I walked from my parents house to a neighborhood a few miles away where I was chased around by a man in a weird looking fire truck. I remember that on the way a lady on a bike said "keep going, you're doing a good job Or". "Or" is one of my nicknames from my dad. I was also on a red tower later and I was overlooking the water park/ low-income apartment complex. This is all I remember from the first part.

My sister Lorel came up to me and told me it was a dream and it took me a while to come to the realization. I asked her "Do you remember going to the water-slide park", and she said, I must have dreamed it and that she didn't remember it.

I was distraught because it all seemed so real to me, and so I told my friends Robbie Coltrane [or Hagrid, but he was dressed up fancy and had normal hair,] and Mike Ehrmantraut from breaking bad about the dream. They were fascinated.

Later that night I went to one of their live showing, and they asked me to participate. As the show went on Mike and I began to make beautiful models of everything, while Robbie narrated. His narration was funny and old fashioned, and we were surrounded by people dressed in victorian era clothes. Wigs and masks. The narration and the things we were making began to sound familiar to me. We were recreating my dreams.

I remember one of the last things we made was the red tower. It was really beautiful, and it showed a miniature of me overlooking the water park, which now looked like a series of colorful rivers. I remember saying "Oh my goodness, it's me". and we all sunk into the ground to a workshop where we were preparing for the next day. Mike came up to me, and told me how beautiful it all was, and then he cried into my shoulder. Then I woke up.

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